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Working on Sundays... Why not?

Working on Sundays... Why not?

Working on Sundays...why not??? In this photo I probably look worn out, messy and exhausted. Chances are that's 100% true. 

Today, me and Debbie haven't slept for almost a full 24hour, making fresh batch of peanut butter and delivering them straight out piping hot! There are so many times me and Deb work and do our deliveries even on weekend with no off days...AT ALL. I'll be lying if I said it's not tiring and stressful, but somehow when we know there are customers and people like you reading this post, that are putting trust, faith and expectations on us. We can't help but put a 120%, because what's there so awesome about us if we are without the support of YOU(yes we talking to you through the screen). 

So thanks so much and we hope you'll be rooting and supporting us throughout this nutty Journey.

#workonsunday #delivery #peanutbutter

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