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JOBBIE x MuzArt Kids Creativity Drawing Contest

JOBBIE x MuzArt Kids Creativity Drawing Contest

We’ve decided to let a bunch of 4–12 year olds run our Peanut Butter 🥜Company.😱😱 

To let you know some origin story is that some kids🧒from MuzArt HQ 🎨challenged/taunted us that they think they can create a packaging design for our JOBBIE peanut butter wayyyyyy better than we can, to that we said BIRNG IT ON! 🥊 

Fast forward to now, 227 “proposals” ✉️ has been presented to us. If it were up to us to vote, based on our nutty biasses it’ll definitely end up in the thrash 🗑️along with the other competitor peanut butter brands. (Don’t bash us for being proud of our products!) 

So the only way to save the day is for YOU 👊—the readers, to view all 227 submissions, vote for 1 champion by clicking on the LIKE 👍button of whichever submission you think is the best, right here

Whichever that achieves the highest number of likes by 31/5/2022 will be picked to get their submission slap 👋right straight to our company founder’s face while he’s on his knees🙇and get their drawing submission printed unto our LABEL PACKAGING🔥. 

All jokes and nasty roast aside, these kids are obviously very sweet and deserve NOTHING but your support❤️. Now, vote for them, give them the self esteem/confidence and hopefully they grow up to become the 【President of The United States of America🗽 🇺🇸】 and make Malaysia proud by pegging USD1 back to RM1💰. 

Buy JOBBIE peanut butter 🥜before it turns into a kids doodle✍️
🛒 www.jobbienutbutter.com 

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