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Wait, WHAT??! There is actually NO BUTTER in Peanut Butter???

Wait, WHAT??! There is actually NO BUTTER in Peanut Butter???

“HIGH % CHOLESTEROL la👎, your peanut butter got put butter inside right🤔”? 

Sorry, but we’re going to have to mind break you and tell you your childhood has been a lie🤯! There is actually NO BUTTER ADDED in peanut butter🥜 (for majority of brand, not just us). Honestly, if we weren’t in this industry we’ll be as shocked as you are. 

“So which 'genius' came up with this name peanut BUTTER”?😡 

There are many people fighting and claiming they created peanut butter in the history books like how Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are constantly fighting to claim who created Chicken Rendang🐔. So, we couldn’t exactly pin point 1 actual creator. 

Point is, it’s called Peanut Butter because the peanuts are ground into a fine paste hence, the natural peanut oil will then be release from the peanut fibres. Forming into this buttery, rich and thick paste. Andddd, voilà the name peanut butter is born, because of its spreadable buttery form of ground peanuts!❤️ 

“So does that make peanut butter vegetarian”?🌳 

Yes, you are 1000% right. If you’re abstaining from meat because of religious, dietary or ethical reason you can have a peace of mind that JOBBIE peanut butter is fully vegan💪. Most of our peanut butter only consist of 3 ingredients ie Roasted Peanuts, Sugar & Salt (THAT’S ALL!) 

Most importantly the peanut butter produced at JOBBIE are Halal certified and ISO22000✨, making it hygienic and free of any hazardous elements. 

In addition, all of our Classic Peanut Butter consist of approx 90% peanuts (the rest of the 10% are made up of sugar and salt), while the Pure Peanut Butter consist of 100% pure peanuts, (not even a single drop of oil added!) making our peanut butter one of the most potent product in the market! 🔥 

Best of all, peanuts naturally do not ❌ have any cholesterol at all. In fact it can help lower bad cholesterol LDL✅ (low-density lipoprotein). 

If you want to check out our product here’s the link!👇
🛒 www.jobbienutbutter.com 


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