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(Read This Before You Buy Peanut Butter) The Industry Secrets That You Need To Know

(Read This Before You Buy Peanut Butter) The Industry Secrets That You Need To Know


Before you start throwing stones and cursing at us🖕…Yes, we understand as a peanut butter brand like JOBBIE shouldn’t be touching these type of taboo topics🤭. 

Nonetheless, we feel the need to take a stand and tell you the truth as it is because it is finally time YOU, the consumer, know how the industry works like!👀 

Have you ever gone to the shelves of supermarkets🏚, picked up a jar of peanut butter, peeked into the ingredient list and found words you’ve never heard before (other than roasted peanuts)? Chances are, if we were not in this industry we’ll be as clueless as you! 😱 


Did the F&B elite intentionally try to shut the education group down? Perhaps🤔? But, that’s too far fetch to even think about it. But what we do know, majority of those artificial additive have a long term side effects, backed by clinical studies, proven to slowly murder 🗡 you while you’re still eyes wide open & awake. 

Stuff like hydrogenated oil, proven to cause cardiovascular diseases as it raises your bad cholesterol levels (LDL). Emulsifier, with its inflammatory properties that has cause many cancers such as colon cancer. ☢ 

“Why would they want to add those stuff knowing the side effects🧐”? 

Lowering cost💸, making the peanut butter more delicious, cutting wastage and maybe even because they were pressured by some ill informed customers to add it (crazy right? But, we were there before and, was almost tempted to add it as the customers were complaining about the layer of oil on top of the PB despite us explaining to them its a natural occurrence due to the lack of emulsifier💔). 

“How do we, at JOBBIE, help you DIE…IN…PEACE…”?🤷‍♀️ 

Well…we just simply just don’t add any of those artificial additives. Most of our peanut butter has less than 4 ingredients. Check our ingredient list and you’ll only see Roasted Peanuts, Sugar & Salt (in our Pure series we only add 1 ingredient - Roasted Peanuts)  

Ahhhhhhhhh, you’ve got a keen eye if you noticed we did not add any oil or butter as stated above. Thing is, peanuts naturally are made up of approx 44% healthy fats. If you roast your peanuts with love, it’ll reward you with creamiest and naturally buttery texture when you ground it.🥰 

At JOBBIE, we hope you’ll be able to live the rest of you lives without “here pain there pain🤕” like an old uncle would describe it. Even at your deathbed, wouldn’t it be great if you just just pass on like you just went to sleep😴? 

Last but not least, we do understand this post might anger a few. But if you were not offended and were slightly enlightened by this, please tell all your friends and love ones about this🗣️… before it’s too late… 

Point is, you don’t even have to specifically buy our brand of peanut butter, just make sure the PB you buy will be using ingredients that are wholesome and natural🌱, free from any scientific names that came out from the lab!🧪 

But, if you still want to try out our 100% natural Peanut Butter, links below.👇
🛒 www.jobbienutbutter.com 
(Delivery available in Malaysia & globally, no min order) 

P.S. make sure to try out our Classic Chunky, it’s our all time best seller and the peanut chunks are larger by x2 than regular peanut butter!🤭

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