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How long can JOBBIE peanut butter last? Even without preservatives?

How long can JOBBIE peanut butter last? Even without preservatives?

“Your peanut butter labeled NATURAL but expiry date more than 1 year”? 

Most of our peanut butter can last up till 24months from the date of production even without the use of artificial preservatives/additives. To be 1000% transparent, if we weren’t in JOBBIE we wouldn’t believe a product could last that long too, WITHOUT any artificial stabilisers in it! 

“Firstly, how do food go bad anyways”? 

Microorganisms exist in all foods in the form of bacteria, yeast, mould etc. As time goes by these pesky little creatures will grow in population and release harmful TOXINS, when eaten it could cause harm to the human body and possibly LETHAL in large quantities! Kinda like a toxic Chinese new year gathering pack filled with judgemental relatives. 

So, the most common way a micro-organisms can grow is by absorbing nutrients just like you and I. From the moisture and oxygen from your food product or even from natural lights ie the sun, that’s why you see good quality olive oil uses darken amber bottles to keep light out! 

The trick to extending a product shelve life is to slow down the growth of said microorganisms, cut it out or make it hard for them to get access to moisture, oxygen and light. 

“How does JOBBIE stop water/moisture in our peanut butter”? 

The peanuts are roasted in a rotating drum-like machine at 180degree Celsius and above to cook to an internal temperature of 120-140degree Celsius, to expel all the natural moisture. As water reaches the boiling/smoking point of 100degree Celsius and above it will start releasing vapour which is essentially water. Similar to a clothes drier to dry off wet clothes after a good tumble wash! 

A natural humectant and used as a traditional preservative since centuries ago! A humectant basically bind water in the food, giving it no space for it to grow and depriving the bacteria of its nutrient. 

They dry of the bacteria itself, sucking out the moisture of the microbial like a bloodthirsty capitalist which will either kills them or forces them into a dormant spore state. #thirsty 

“How does JOBBIE stop oxygen in our peanut butter”? 

Although we do not add oil in our peanut butter. Peanuts are naturally high fatty food, on average they contain about 44% good healthy fat such as mono-unsaturated. These fat form a protective barrier as a first line of defence, so that it stops the contact of oxygen to the food. Like any loving mother protector her kids from any harm. 

Our peanut butter is hot filled at least 70++degree Celsius into the glass bottle, capping with an airtight metal cap with an inner food-grade silicone seal, upon cooling down a natural vacuum occurs, stopping any oxygen from leaking in. 

“What is the best storing condition to optimise JOBBIE peanut butter’s shelve life”? 

Storing the PBs in a dark, cool and dry place will be ideal, preferably inside covered cabinets or fridge (applies for both open and unopened bottles). Use clean and dry utensils to store the peanut butter. 

Best of all these does not apply to only our peanut butter alone, if you’re a small business owner looking to extend your food products naturally or just a mom making sambal at home for personal use, these methods could definitely help you! Save or share this post so you can use it in the future. 

JOBBIE is a Malaysian brand specialised in making 100% natural Halal peanut butter. 

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