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“Give me my money back!”

“Give me my money back!”

“Give me my money back!” 

“Your peanut got oil smell, it’s not fresh!” Sometimes we receive complaints like these, some were very understanding and some were not. So today we would like to write up  a post  especially to address cases like these.

“Don't talk so much, give me my money back!” 

Before refunding your hard earned money, let us tell you honestly what we’re doing is not primarily based on money. It saddens us even more to let you down and disappoint you, because every single bottle , every single nut , every single process we handle it with our own two hands  and pour all of our heart into it. The biggest satisfaction isn’t selling 1,000 jars or bottles a day, but it is serving 1 customer to the best of our ability

"So…why have oil smell arh?" 

It’s a process call rancidification. To put it simple is basically a food going rancid which will give of an unpleasant oil paint smell or as most people put it “the oil smell” or “smelly oil smell”. Most commonly due to oxidation and microbial which is when food has too much contact with oxygen, light , temperature etc.

"How are you going to solve it Jobbie Team?" 

To solve any problem, one must first acknowledge there is a problem. SO…we would humbly like to apologize to everyone that has experience this while trying out our product . Please trust that we are doing all that we can to overcome this dilemma. But we need your help too...by properly storing the peanut butter which you have ordered from us.

"What are the ways to store Jobbie Nut Butter?" 

Immediately Upon receiving your peanut butter, put it in the fridge or dark cool place. Because things like oxygen, light, temperature, moisture can affect the quality of the peanut butter. Make sure you don’t double dip it too which is dipping it and licking it then putting the spoon in back again.

To be honest…

There are ways to solve it immediately, which is…yes, if you guess correctly, ADDITIVES. Seeing our only ingredients are peanuts, sugar, salt and peanut oil, it will definitely be more vulnerable and expose to the elements.  Thus making it more easily to go bad if compared to conventional mass produced commercial peanut butter.

As a team, we’ve honestly left an ungodly  amount of money out on the table all just because we refused to add additives like preservatives, stabilizer, emulsifier, hydrogenated oil into our product. Some people call us stupid and ignorant because of our stubbornness . “Why don’t earn that money, I can buy so much from you and supply all over the world, you stupid or what?” Statement like these hurts a lot , but sometimes there are more things in life than fame or money.

Our life long time dream since day 1 is to become #1 peanut butter brand in Malaysia  , but if being number 1 means putting the lives of our awesome customers at risk, we rather closed it down for good or at least have nothing to do with it anymore.

We sincerely hope this post can spread widely enough so everyone can feel at least a tad bit of our sincerity, please help us to store our baby while we work hard to think of a natural better way to help solve this “oil smell” problem.

Please help us to share to post out so many  more can see this, we would really like to apologize to everyone. Mafan sai lei dei la.

Jobbie Team

#WeAreSorry #WorkingHard #LoveYouAll

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