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“You fail SPM you’ll fail in life!”

“You fail SPM you’ll fail in life!”

If you’re reading this you’ve probably just finish SPM not long ago and getting your result soon. Feeling anxious, anxiety, doubt? I have face this before too. 

When I finish my SPM at 2011, I knew nothing about the world other that I have to finish my high school 🏫, go to college 🎓, get a boring job 🕴, save money 💸, get a house 🏡, get married  and DIE!!! This is the common path set up by many of those who came before me, and I would constantly be told that if I fail SPM and didn’t get into a good college I would not be able to enjoy life and will be in constant hardship. 

“So how was my SPM results?”  

Pretty ugly I would say hahaha (not very proud of it), I failed in many subjects. As a Chinese  Ethnic in Malaysia I would always be told from a young age that Chinese must get A+ especially in subjects like Mathematic in which I also failed miserably during my SPM (high-5 if you suck at math!) 

When I got my hands on my result I felt really sad, I felt like an outcast as many of my peers done a better job than me. I cried , I screamed , I panicked . Deep down I know, I thought I would fail in life as everyone said I would. 

“Did I fail miserably in life and did not get to enjoy it? 

A big NO, a 100% NO, NO NO NO! Although I went through some hardship, but I work hard, manage to save up a bit, started a peanut butter  business (Jobbie) and gotten married  with the most beautiful wife  in the world! I most definitely enjoyed life to the fullest and will most likely continue to do so in contradict with those who said otherwise. 

Truth to be told “Education  vs Certificate 🎓” 

Many are confused with these 2 and I like to explain it in my own way. (So feel free to comment if you think otherwise) Certificate is just a small prove on paper   of acquiring a set of skills, knowledge, or maybe experience. Is it important? Yes and no, if you’re aspire to be a professional like a doctor, lawyer or engineer then yes, it is very important to have a certificate of qualification to prove to people you’re qualify to do the job. 

Other than that, not having a certificate does not mean end of the world. But remember education is a lifelong process of obtaining knowledge , it’s a never ending of learning process. Constantly improving and learning and that is the TRUE education! 

“What do I want to accomplish from this post?” 

My name is Joseph Goh   and I’m 24 this year, when I was 17, I failed my exams and it led me to start hating myself and thinking I’m a failure. I have seen people felt that way and have even seen suicidal case on news   because of failure academically. So enough is ENOUGH!!! 

Today I hope if you read this, be sure to believe you’ll be fine. It’s ok if you’re not academically good, it’s ok if you fail in exams its ok if life throw some hardship at you sometimes. Bad times happens so you can learn to enjoy the good times even more. YOU WILL BE FINE, and awesome if you work hard for you dream! Plus there’s bound to be something you’re good at whether it’s at sports , arts   or even just like me, I’m great at eating, hence I started a food business. (No joke, I really love to eat!) 

Share this post and tag those who you think they might need this! 

With that said, go out and conquer those hardship and prove the naysayers wrong!

#YouAreSpecialAndUnique #Jobbie 

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