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Need motivation? Read this.

Need motivation? Read this.

You woke up early today, went out on 8am drove🚗 out to work and got stuck in traffic for 48mins. You started your day at work. Work piled up and you found out you missed your lunch break. You went dinner with your colleagues after work and found out you have nothing in common, jokes were cracking in the air and you feel you can’t fit in. Deep down you probably know why too. You drove back home, head to bead and found out a day has passed. You feel empty….

Please don’t spend the day like this! 

Find back your passion. I know you have your dream, be it an author, singer or dancer. I know you have bills to pay, family to feed and people to look after to. There’s so much good things in the world that are there just for you, you just gotta grab on it. I know it’ll be hard, it’ll hurt, it’ll be stressful. But it’s OK, it will just be for a while. Stop giving yourself excuses, take the baking class you’ve always wanted, polish your skills, even if it might not work is fine. Least you’ll end the day with a smile across your face. You’re so much more important than just sitting at the desk or handling files! Go out and do what you love! Be the CEO of your life and start taking control. YOU ONLY HAVE 1 LIFE!

Everyone starts from 0, the greats start with 0. If they can…YOU CAN! 🔥🔥🔥

Find someone to encourage you, to guide you. It might be weird even we don’t know you, but we care. Although we’re only sell peanut butter here….text us, pm us, email us, whatever it takes for you to start LIVING IT! Because you never know how far you can go. 📱💻📬

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