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Secret Hidden/Love Message In PONG’s Label😱|| Part1

Secret Hidden/Love Message In PONG’s Label😱|| Part1

If you’ve ordered a bottle of our latest gamer’s nut butter PONG… THANK YOU🙇‍♂️! Btw, did you stumble upon some weird scribbles as if an encrypted symbol? Today I’ll reveal to you 1 of the 3 hidden codes in the label of our gamer’s nut butter 【PONG🏓 — Berry Matrix Peanut Energy Crunch】! 

  .-.. --- ...- . / .. ... / -. --- - / .- / --. .- -- . --..-- / .. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.. . -... -... .. .

Try Google-ing Morse code translator and type in the symbols above and you’ll find that it translate to “LOVE IS NOT A GAME, I LOVE YOU DEBBIE”. 

So…What does it mean and why?🤔 

To truly create a gamer nut butter🎮, you’d have to include a game, even in the label itself! What better way to include a challenging “secret password” that requires players to squeeze their brain juice🧠 and dig it out! 

If you have already noticed, Hi, I’m Joseph and I’m one of the co-founder of JOBBIE 🙋‍♂️(the person writing this post). You’re awesome if you’re still reading this post up to this point. 

When I created PONG I wanted to leave down a special signature of my own✍️, so I dug deep down and ask myself why I started JOBBIE in the first place, as many others that have also question my original intention of the venture🚀. 


2013 was the year I dropped out from school, I ran away🏃‍♂ from home as there wasn’t anywhere I belonged. I went wherever the winds took me, clasped my hands🙏 as I hard as I could and prayed with all my will that starvation will not be my end. 

Landed a job after a while, and one day a young lady👩‍🦰 came for an interview to the same organisation I was working in. I pay no heed as I was focused on meeting ends meet. I thank the lord till this days for whoever that made those tofu-thin walls, what I accidentally heard was the most angelic little giggle from the boss’s room. It was at the moment…I knew…I F up😱! 

I was assigned to be one of the “mentor” for this new recruit, staying professional was one of the hardest thing as I have already fell madly in love with HER. I put on my strictest face and gave the harshest training, in return I always get the most innocent “thanks for today❤️” from her. I was so turned on….s**t! I’m sooo messed up! 

“I’m going to take care of her and grow old together”! 👩‍🦳👨‍🦳 

Thank God she felt the same way too, we spend many moons together, saving ever dime and penny for our future. It was the sweetest memory I had, we rented a house🏠 together with 15 other people to save money. It was the best ride ever, we took the train and bus🚌 together to wherever we need to sell our peanut butter to (initially). It was the most fun I ever had, staying all night experimenting🔬 new ways to cook and improve our peanut butter. 

And that is why JOBBIE is Joseph and Debbie💏… 

My inspiration, my motivation, my love and my treasure. Happy Valentine Debbie🥂. 

Stay nutty,
Co-founder of JOBBIE

Get your hands on this secret love letter - PONG Berry Matrix Peanut Energy Crunch

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