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No more 45 days pre-order... Ready stock now!

No more 45 days pre-order... Ready stock now!


Previously due to MCO we have set a looooooong wait time of 45days and for that we’re so thankful for those who supported us during one of our hardest times in our 6 years of operation💪. At the same time we apologise to those who received their order later than 45days, rest assured we have refunded in full to those cases (in case we missed you out please contact us and we’ll be sure to compensate you💰!)

GooD NewS! 🎉

We have secured stable suppliers and will be grinding PB’s🥜 like never before as we speak to make sure all of your orders are shipped to you in a spread of a peanut butter! Orders received will now be processed immediately and be shipped out within 3 working days, upon shipping orders out you can expect to get your babies within a 3 working day period too.❤️

“Will there be any challenges moving forward”🤔

Second wave of covid? Financial recession? Global economy breakdown? No matter what is thrown against us we’re sure we won’t fall (at least not without a good fight). We have so many Malaysians we have not yet serve with our yummy all natural peanut butter, we have not treated our existing customers to the best of our potential and we have yet to make Malaysia🇲🇾proud with our peanut butter yet.

In conclusion 👏👏👏

If you’re still reading this TLDR post we’d like to humbly thank you again🙇, please continue to grow with us while we find ways to improve our products and services to serve you better in the near future.

🛒 www.jobbienutbutter.com

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