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A New Me

A New Me

A New Me

January 17th, I was born into a world I thought was so beautiful. My parents love and adored me. They poured all their effort and love into raising me. Everything was good, everyone praised me from left to right, from top till bottom. I thought I was perfect, feeling powerful, flawless and beautiful. How naive I was back then…

I thought I was all they needed, I thought being myself was more than enough, seeing all the acceptance “they” first gave me. So off I go, searching all the corner of the world for an answer. No stones were left unturned. Day and night I pursuit relentlessly. Every single day I watch as the sun rises and set, every day I watch the star shine so brightly at night, as if they found their purpose unlike me. As I was about to give up to this seemingly impossible task.

Suddenly an idea came in! “I need to change my name and outlook”. “I need to stand out of the crowd”, “I need to once again illuminate the face of the world with my radiance”. Off I go pleading my father for my so call “purpose”. “Please dad, I need this money to help fulfill my dream” said me with a desperate voice. Father left without uttering a single word. Days later mom came to me with an envelope fill with cash. “Where did you got that” shouting as tear flowed down! I later found out my father sold out his favorite guitar to help fund my dream. The guitar he spent day and night playing, where he gentle polish it with eyes filled with so much passion at night after practicing. It wasn’t just a place old guitar, I knew deep down… It was his dream… I rushed to him and gave him the tightest hug and off I go to accomplish “my dreams”!

I changed my name, my outlook. Finally, I felt complete! Mom and dad brought me to tons of place to show me off, I blushed. At the corners of my eye I saw “him”. There he was standing strong and sturdy with confidence. My eyes sparkle, body shaking in excited. Was it romance you asked me? No, it was more of a competition. “You have to aim to be the best to not let down your folk” my inner voice told me.

Again, with a new purpose of being the best. A new adventure begins, a new quest, A NEW BEGINNING!!!


Introducing the all new look for our Jobbie! Snap it  and post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat LaH. Must show off a bit maH. We’ll be waiting for you to tag us! **wink**

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