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Chunky vs Creamy

Chunky vs Creamy

Chunky VS Creamy!!!

Every day we receive questions like “what’s the difference between chunky and creamy, or what is best?” Well today we’ll explain to you their difference and which maybe more suitable for you!

So here goes…

They are loaded with hundreds of peanut bits and chunks inside of it. With our secret technique to roast the nuts, it’s so crispy but at the same time it’ll just breaks and melts in your mouth so easyyyyyyyy~. Just like little loads of firecrackers crackling in your mouth.

Who should eat it :
People who tend to like the chew a lot of food. If you like the rough texture of your food, this will be best for you. Especially if you love to eat peanut butter on its own…with a SPOON! (Raise your hands if you ever did that! Don’t lie harrr!) Overall, it’s very suitable for waffles, muffin and any dessert that you can imagine. So far study shows so far that men prefer chunky over ladies, so feel free to prove them wrong if any of you ladies disagree with this statement.

Very smooth type of peanut butter. Bursting with all the aromas. It’ll just slide down your throat effortlessly. It is as though an Olympic skater could easily skate through its smooth and creamy texture in your mouth.

Who should eat it:
Athletes that usually put peanut butter into their food like protein shakes, energy bars, or just with a banana due to its high content of protein and man many essential vitamins and health benefits . Kids are even recommended to take creamy version of peanut butter due to their weak throat as they might get choked easier, plus a tips for moms are that you can just blend apples, banana and peanut butter and you’ll have a healthy and delicious baby food for your toddlers.

Start voting now! Are you #TeamChunky or #TeamCreamy ?!

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