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All Natural Peanut Butter vs The Normal Ones?

All Natural Peanut Butter vs The Normal Ones?


We usually receive a lot of inquiries about what is the difference between regular peanut butter and all natural peanut butter like ours, because majority of people have the concept that all peanut butter in the world  are the same. Yes it probably smell the same and looks the same. But there’s a very clear difference between ALL NATURAL peanut butter and the regular peanut butter you can get from almost any stores. So no worries as today let us list down a few pros and cons for you to make it clearer. 🔍


 Natural Peanut Butter:
1) Creamier texture
2) Usually taste better due to freshness
3) It is more healthy

 Normal peanut butter:
1) They have longer shelve lives ( 2-5 years )
2) You do not need to refrigerate it
3) It’s more affordable


 Natural peanut butter:
1) It’s much more costly
2) Very short shelve life compared to regular peanut butter ( 6-8 months )
3) May need to finish it in a shorter amount of time

 Normal peanut butter:
1) It’s likely to be not so healthy due to harmful additives
2) Taste not as good due to freshness
3) Harder texture, harder to spread it on your toast

There you go! Hope this post answer some of your questions. The ingredients in our Jobbie has only peanuts, sugar, salt and peanut oil. For our sugar free and salt free version, it contains only peanut and peanut oil. That’s how pure and basic we are! Honestly both will probably taste great and awesome, but if possible and if your wallet allows you (because honestly natural peanut butter may gonna cost you a tad bit more usually) choose a natural ones and stay from products that has additives, your body will *thank you* in the future.

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