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90's entrepreneur!!! The Dream Job!?

90's entrepreneur!!! The Dream Job!?

Seems like the coolest thing to do 2017 and everyone is creating the next Uber, the next Facebook, the next Snapchat etc.

It was like yesterday, we started JOBBIE on Dec 2014 not knowing what we might achieve. Back then we were only 20 years old (Joseph) and 18 years old (Debbie). Rebelling against our parents saying that we're ''quiting school'' and ''chasing dreams''. Sounds like living the dream huh??

Everyone focus only on the success story on successful businesses, not many tell the tales of the hardship that comes with it. People will only be seeing how Airbnb get their new fundings or how Alibaba got public listed.

When we first started our journey, the first that rejected us was actually those that were dearest to us. (luckily they opened up a bit *wink*) We were thrown with statements like, you have no experience, no connection, hell you don’t even have a roof on your head or a car to drive. Man that really pull us down! Normally if it was just anyone we’ll be fine, but in this case….IT HURTS SO BADLY!

Nevertheless we believe nothing is impossible if we put in work. Hard work is so important that we even implement until now, it became our core to our strong foundation. The times we put into work, the sleepless nights.

Truth to be told sometimes hard work is not even enough in some occasions, there was so many elements to influence the situation around you. At time we were so confused and hopeless, thinking is everything worth it? Giving up social life, work life balance, family time and much more! Nonetheless we considered ourselves to be the most blessed people in the world, it was as though something of higher power was watching over us, and we would get advice, encourage and help from places we never have thought of!

3 years into this journey, we’re still full of passion. Learning every day to improve, ready overcome everything together. After facing so so much. We couldn’t thank our partners, coworker and customer enough. Without you awesome people, we would never have lasted so long given with the current economy!

This message serve as a message for whoever is feeling tired, hopeless, frustrated or feeling lost. You can be just a waitress, admin, or even a teacher. Remember there’s always tomorrow, we’re still standing strong and we believe YOU CAN TOO! Never give up, we have your back (mentally).

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