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We’re planning to give RM1,000,000

We’re planning to give RM1,000,000

During the MCO we were force down to our knees by mother nature’s own antivirus –☢COVID-19☠. While many businesses fell like flies being sprayed with pesticide, we asked the public for help to buy our peanut butter🥜and miraculously…many came to our plea! Now, we’re back up on our feet and hoping to give back to the same society that has helped us during our darkest times 🕰️. Here’s how it works :

“For every (1) share on this post
We’ll DONATE out RM1”
Maximum RM1million cap

❤️To view our original Facebook post.
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❤️For more updates on how many shares specifically we raised.

❤️To email your choice of charity organisation

❤️Documents requirements for donation applicants

❤️Official accounts ledger for all the donations (to be updated soon)

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