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#2 Why is my bottle of Jobbie peanut butter so watery and have a layer of oil on top. WHY WHY WHY!?

#2 Why is my bottle of Jobbie peanut butter so watery and have a layer of oil on top. WHY WHY WHY!?

Have you ever notice our peanut butters are super watery (or runny as we called it) compared to most commercial big brands, and that we also have a layer of oil on top of it? 


At this time you might be thinking “have this bottle of peanut butter went bad”? So should you throw the entire bottle away, fire a bad review on our facebook page or email our customer service for a full refund?

Well, good news for you! Your bottle of Jobbie Peanut Butter is PERFECTLY FINE! There’s absolutely nothing wrong about it. Let us explain why this sort of stuff happens.



Basically the natural oils/fats found in peanuts are called mono-unsaturated oils/fats. In primary school science we’ve learned that there are 2 main easy version of fats. SATURATED & UNSATURATED oil/fats.

Saturated oils/fats are solid in room temperature and mostly produced by animals, common saturated oils/fats are :


Unsaturated oils are liquid at room temperature and mostly produced by plants, common unsaturated oilsfats are :
*peanut butter
*sunflower oil
*olive oil

So naturally peanut butter are supposed to be runny/watery and not solid, they should able to be poured over when you flip your bottle of peanut butter upside down and flowing like a thick sauce. 

If they’re not acting this way you can be sure artificial additives are added in, most commonly added additives to make peanut butter semi solid are “hydrogenated oil”. 


They are used to stabilise the taste and texture of the peanut butter. But the bad thing is, they contain an unhealthy fat called “trans-fat”. Trans fat in a nutshell (pun intended) lowers your good cholesterol and promotes BAD CHOLESTEROL! 

Kinda like that bad neighbour that steal your good parking right outside your house and leave you with a shitty parking 1km away from your house.


THE ENEMY : Hydrogenated oil



Out of the blue, you open the shelve and BAAAAM! You see a layer of oil on top of our peanut butter. As mentioned peanut butter contains mono-unsaturated oil. Basically the peanut butter that you can’t see with your naked eyes are constantly floating! As they float and float the lighter oil floats upwards while the heavier peanut fibre sink down below. MINDBLOW OVER 9000!!!!

the more.gif
As simple as it sound you might ask “eh, then why the one I buy in the super market dun have this problems?”. *Evil music plays* You guessed it right, it’s ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES againnnnn! Lottery rolls and you’ve won….. “inflames intestinal barriers and will lead to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke”. Congratulation!

The additives used are categorise as emulsifier, they act as a binder and binds the oil and peanut fibres together till death do they part. Some of their most-seen names on the label of common peanut butters are “soy lecithin”, in facts some countries have banned them and many are trying to! The fact that Malaysia still allows them is pure ludicrous!

THE ENEMY : Emulsifier


So now you can keep calm and enjoy your day knowing your lovely bottle of peanut butter is perfectly fine! Just give it a good stir before you consume, close the lids tightly once you’re done and store it in a dark cool dry place.


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