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Partial lockdown, Jobbie is still here

Partial lockdown, Jobbie is still here

We may just be just be any ordinary ol’ peanut butter company to many, to some we may be just a group of nut heads who do weird ads…. No matter what all of us in Jobbie are just any ordinary people with our own set of friends, families and dreams.

We may not be as honourable as doctors who save lives during these pandemic periods, or volunteers who in spike of a panic still sacrificing their own lives to help out however they can. However we’ll do our best to supply the best healthy peanut butter to anyone who needs it. We always joked about if there’s a zombie apocalypse peanut butter may be one of the best survival food, but we never hope anything would have happen to any of you who are still reading this at this point.

Since day 1 of the birth of Jobbie we have always dreamt to not just be a profitable business, but something more than that. We hope to enrich as many lives as possible in Malaysia(and even more countries if God/Allah allows).

If you’re wondering are we still operating and shipping out your orders? YES WE ARE! Our website is still running 24/7, you may still place your order and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can. These 6 people here are the reason why you’ll receive your peanut butter, if anything ever happens to us, know that we’ll always loveyou3000.


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