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Our Secret Recipe

Our Secret Recipe

Shhhhh…I have a secret!

Many often times we get asked what’s the secret ingredient in our peanut butter. Many asked “you must have added something other than what you have listed in the ingredient section on the label packaging right”? Peanut, sugar, salt, peanut oil is what we listed on the packaging. Some of our customer even go to the extreme and asked if we put any weed into our peanut butter. (jokingly, but NO!)

Crazy right?

So we always wanted to explain what’s “the thing” that set us apart from others, it may not necessary be better than others, but surely something that is acceptable to you guys…for now. We struggled a bit honestly to think of an answer for quite some time, after pondering and pondering, we found out the answer was actually just right in front of us, it was so plain and simple that it might make you feel you’re wasting your time reading this post.( But bear with us for a while)

It was LOVE…

Yes, it was something as corny and cliché as that! We personally believe that anything, if you put your heart and soul to it, even something as simple as peanut butter can shine. Every bottle made with the mentality of pouring our hearts and doing our best in hope of seeing you guys loving it, money  and profit  are usually and almost never pop into our mind, it was always secondary. That’s why we do what we do, that’s why you’re seeing this long-winded post. If you’ve been following us you know we’re constantly writing articles such as this one that make no sense, topics like how to eat properly to maximize your exercise, or nutritional facts and values. Why waste time  doing this when we can just constantly thinking how to earn an extra dime, because time is money. Everything we do we do with a mind for the best for you guys, to add value to your lives. The purest form of love, a sincere act of randomness and kindess without hoping for something in return other your feedback and comments.( because we just want to know what you’re thinking and how can we improve to give you guys more)

Geli words aside, we love to know your thought. What do you guys think about our peanut butter?

#geli #loveyourheadla

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