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“I’m tired of all of these, I’m giving up!”

“I’m tired of all of these, I’m giving up!”

“I’m tired of all of these, I’m giving up!”

Many times we were at this stage of life feeling beaten, drained and anxious. Well, in 2018 it’s only right you feel that way and everyone is expecting you to be next “big thing”. Because if you don’t get married🤵👰, have a million💸 in your bank account or have a wonderful family with 5 kids🏃‍♂🏃‍♀ it will make you look like you are not following the path given by society, you’d looked like a failure or an outcast. If you ever felt that way, seems like midlife crisis is knocking ✊on your door🚪 earlier than expected.

“But does it ends there?”🤦‍♀

Maybe one day out of the blue you’ll start seeing a friend🕴 you know from high school starting a successful business at 24 and earning RM1 million💰💰 a month, or suddenly a blast from various media portraying a 13 year old 👶entrepreneur or maybe it will be your parents bragging about how much salary the neighbor’s daughters are earning.
Then, you look yourself in the mirror…exhausted, stressed and feeling you have not achieve enough yet. You wonder why are you working so much but still haven’t achieved any of your dreams or goals still? “Am I not good enough, am I born forever stuck in this position in life, will I have a chance to breakthrough”?? Questions, doubts and negativity fills your mind. WHY!?💔 

WHY!?🔥 WHY!?🌪

“Let us tell you a secret”🙋‍♂

You are at this stage of life where you’ve probably just started, you might think 3, 5, 10 years into the industry is considered long. But truth to be told, some people might had a fruitful career at 25 and might pass away at 32☠, some might struggle their whole life only till the age of 60 they will become successful and lived through the age of 90👴 to tell the tale.

“Instead, try doing this”💁‍♂

Look back a bit into the near past and maybe you’ll notice you had achieved some sales target📈 and that you just got complimented by your boss, or you successfully gotten a new job that you will love with a reasonable pay or even just paying the electric💡 bill on time which you usually know you will either forget to pay or just be plain lazy to do it. If while thinking back, you smile however so slightly thinking “hey I’ve gotten this done just last week! CONGRATULATIONS! You are still not as “bad” as you thought you might be!

To sum it up, everyone is different and so is their timing. But as long as you are still alive, breathing and fighting you will have every chances in life to achieve anything you want. Everyone is unique in their own way and so are YOU!!!

So be kind to yourself, treat yourself better, and start ordering a fresh bottle of natural peanut butter!

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