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Jobbie CLASSIC - Gift Set

RM 129.50

What you get

2x Chunky Classic Peanut Butter 380g

2x Creamy Classic Peanut Butter 380g

1x Key To Happiness

1x Peanut Butter Stirrer

1x Black Pouch for Peanut Butter Stirrer 

1x JOBBIE box

Product Description 

Ultimate gift set for peanut butter lovers, featuring all natural ingredients with no artificial additive, 0% added oil for an undiluted wholesome flavouring. Heavy deep aroma of peanut fragrant from the fiery roasting, suitable to be pair with anything from bread, salad, coffee, burger, noodle and so much more! 

Who to gift this to: 

Peanut butter lover/connoisseur, gifting event, festive holiday gifting, marriage proposal, party gifting, salary increment negotiation gift. 


Roasted Peanuts, Sugar & Salt

Storage Instructions

Keep jar tightly closed. Store in dark, cool, and dry places. Oil will appear on the surface. Stir before use for better taste. It is recommended to consume JOBBIE within 3 months for the best taste. Refrigerate for best freshness. 

Product Shelf Life 

Approximately 18(±) months. Refer to the bottom of the peanut butter for exact expiry date. 

Nutrition Info

Classic Chunky Peanut Butter|

Classic Creamy Peanut Butter



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