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Macau Hijau - Green Pea Spread 380g

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Product Description

Smokey/roasted/bbq green pea flavour. The flavour direction is leaning to the sweet side by it also has a hint of umami/savouriness. Slightly course and fibrous texture from using wholesome green pea. Fragrant and aroma of this green pea spread is more to the heavier side unlike regular steam peas with light floral smell. Perfect to eat direct from the spoon or as a spread. 

Find out more about the origin/inspiration of why we created the Macau Hijau Green Pea Spread here!


Green Pea, Sunflower Seed Oil, Brown Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt 

Storage Instructions 

Keep jar tightly closed. Store in dark, cool, and dry places. Oil will appear on the surface. Stir well before use for better taste. 

It is recommended to consume within 1 month once opened for the best taste. Refrigerate for best freshness. 

Product Shelf Life 

Approximately 11(±) months. Refer to the expiry date written on label. 

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